Small business ERO Software

InfaERP Lite

ERP solution for Small and Mid - Sized Business - InfaERP Lite is our generic ERP software solution for small and medium sized enterprises that want to boost business productivity in a small budget. We realize that budget constraints prevent them from buying costly IT solutions, needed to meet the changing needs of their clients. Hence we have come up with an innovative ERP software product, known as InfaERPLite which serves the needs of micro and medium sized businesses on technology and cost front.

"Our solution enables real-time management of Invoices / Billing, Sales & Purchase order, Customer & Vendor payments, Reports, Inventory and Accounts across your multiple stores, branches, office locations all over country."


Key Features

InfaERP Lite is configurable Enterprises Resource Planning software for small business. It streamlines all workflow processes and provides you an interactive interface through, which you can monitor your entire business.

  • Any employee with basic computer usage skills can use the solution.
  • One click web interface with password access.
  • 100% data security with backup.
  • 24/7 data access from your home or office through PC/Mobile.
  • Modules and system hierarchy can be easily scaled to meet future business requirements
  • Interactive dashboard with real time reporting features. Provision to customize reports according to needs of the end-user
  • SMS integration for sales, delivery and payment reminders
  • Powerful and informative reporting system, with facility to export reports to authorized users in any part of world.
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